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Private Reserve
Volume 11 — Amazon

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Arriving at the last minute, but fortunately in time, is the latest from The JuggMaster. This is Volume 11 of the Private Reserve line and the featured model is the wondrously huge Amazon.

Staying with his tried and true and very successful format, the JuggMaster continues to produce some of the best work available anywhere for connoisseurs of large-busted ladies. Amazon is a huge woman in all respects, but her monstrously large bust is veritably off the charts.


The tried and trusted JuggMaster recipe this time features Amazon.

Lower left, Amazon shows us why they're sometimes called puppies.
JuggMaster seems to have a number of somewhat buxom neighbours...

As the video opens, Amazon is making her way out to the pool. She's wearing a black with gold trim, one piece bathing suit with a zippered front, and cut-off jeans shorts. It is midday and the sun is brilliant, so Amazon is wearing sunglasses.

Eventually she'll work that zipper down and bring those mighty breasts out for the sunshine. Watch and you'll come away saying that these tits are huge.

Even holding one breast in both of her hands, you can easily see that two hands aren't near enough to fully support the breast. A highlight is when she sits down on the chaise and lets those whoppers dangle and sway hypnotically.


Into the pool, wearing an inadequate one-piece and ... sunglasses.

Yes, she's big, all right...

Then it's time for Amazon to cool down in the pool, and it looks like the JuggMaster gets into the water with her. The water adds some buoyancy and those babies look great as the water lifts them slightly. You will gasp with pleasure when you see her hoist them out of the water as she presses against the pool wall and then again as she hefts them over the top.

After drying off, Amazon heads indoors for a bit of posing with a tape measure. The numbers on the tape aren't particularly meaningful as the she doesn't really measure them in ways we can appreciate. Then it's back to the sunny backyard for the signature JuggMaster scene called Passing the Bar.

The model will dangle her boobs over the bar and make them wobble and sway. The she will cram them through the openings. If the model is big enough this will create enough side pressure to magnify the thrust. In short there isn't a better way to make a model tits look even bigger than they really are. Of course, Amazon doesn't need any help to look big. But we appreciate the effort, really.

As always with his DVD releases, JuggMaster provides some bonus scenes. First, there's some very lengthy footage from the upcoming Volume 12 which stars Luscious Lana and her mighty 38-G bosom. Have a look. Does she make you feel that your jeans are a little tight?


Above, the obligatory Passing the Bar ceremony; below, the trailer for Volume 12.

More familiar ground here. That fence.
One question at this point: Why are you wearing jeans?

But wait. There's more — lots more. How about a lengthy clip with the JuggMistress? In this clip we are advised that she is four months pregnant at the time of the shooting, and swelling with pride. The JuggMaster is one lucky dude to have such a woman sharing his bed.

Four months gone, traditionally a good time for photography.

The rest of us will have to make do with just looking at her supremely huge breasts. When the camera is close in for an extended sequence of having her swing those babies for us, you may forget what not only what time it is, but you may lose track of what day it is too — fascinating to say the least.


We can look: JuggMaster gets to touch...

The JuggMaster has delivered another awesome package. Considering that the DVD is two hours long, and all of it — every moment — is a tribute to juggs, you couldn't ask for more. And you know something, with the stunningly vast amount of breast acreage on display in this DVD, you won't find more in a DVD. Four point five out of five (time for a new trailer) is the rating and this DVD is available only from The JuggMaster.

The JuggMaster

Private Reserve Volume 11 — Amazon 

out of 5

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