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JuggMaster Private Reserve
DVD Volume 2

Chaka T. in crystal clear JuggyVision™ on DVD!
Proportionately Chaka has the biggest, firmest
juggs I've ever seen! These bad boys are solid baby!
And talk about a bombastic bod and pretty face...
well I'm talkin'! Chaka T is a "Treasure Chest"
and Volume 2 in the Private Reserve series will
no doubt be a "must have" in your collection!
Along with Chaka you'll get a lengthy preview
of Volume 3 featuring Honey Juggs and her
whoppin' 44GGs! DVD includes hi-res photo gallery
and two previously unreleased "bonus" scenes which
feature a "Behind the Scenes" look at Chaka and
extra footage of Honey Juggs goin' nip to nip
with Jacqui and her blown-out 38Gs!

Approximate Running Time: 70 minutes

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