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JuggMaster Private Reserve
DVD Volume 4

Devin Taylor in crystal clear JuggyVision™ on DVD!
Sink your teeth into devilicious Devin and her delectable
E-Cup delights! This boobiferous beauty is a bonified
JuggMaster discovery and this DVD is her FIRST VIDEO EVER!
You'll devinitely be seeing more of Devin on the internet,
but there's only one place you'll find her unleashing her
gorgeous gazongas for the VERY FIRST TIME, right here baby!
There's nothing like the first time and there's nothing like
your favorite busty models in JuggyVision™!
Also included are bonus, "behind the scenes" footage of Devin trying
on tight tops and bras. Could life get any better? Yes it can... and it does!
Hold on to your hoses because also included on this classic video
is the first footage ever released of the JuggMistress... lactating no less!
You'll get a lengthy preview of The White Tapes, volume one in my new
JuggMaster's Ultimate Stash series aimed at the ultimate breast connoisseur.
The JuggMistress' breasts were swollen beyond belief when we shot this
footage and you'll get to witness her learnin' to squirt for the very
first time as well as enjoy watching the industrial-strength breast pump moan
and groan as it expresses milk from simply super-sized bazoombas!
Also included in The White Tapes preview is bonus Milk-Maiden Alexandra
packed with Mother Nature's Finest and squirtin' like a super-soaker!
Think I'm finished? Think again because also included on this legendary
DVD is a preview of Volume 5 in my Private Reserve series featuring
Shar and her brick-house bod, sportin' 44FF king-size coconuts!
This is extremely rare footage as Shar has not done much video
in the past and is no longer doing video for anyone at all.
There's nothin' like Shar's heavy hangers in JuggyVision™!
And there's nothin' like this classic big boob video!

Approximate Running Time: 80 minutes

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