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JuggMaster Private Reserve
DVD Volume 7

Emage and Amber in crystal clear JuggyVision™ on DVD!
The second Double Feature in the Private Reserve line brings
together two bodacious beauties with blown-out, bra-burstin'
bazoombas. You won't believe your gazonga-goggles when Emage
oils these babies in and out of her tiny triangle top bikini. She has
simply massive boobs that would be huge on a woman of any size
let alone a woman of her stature. She's barely five feet tall yet she's
sportin' a solid set of stupefying double H hooters that ride on her
chest like funbag footballs! Go long baby 'cause Emage
is heaving a "Hooter Hail Mary"!

The second half of this hooter-nanny showcases Amber in
extremely rare, never-before-seen video of this boobiferous beauty
with an angelic face and ample J-Cup jubblies. Amber's gazongas
are gargantuan and she has some of the biggest nipples I've ever
seen. Her juicy J's are milky white globes of grandeur and when you
see these tube-top torpedos bobbin' in the pool you'll bust a buckle
on yer belt! Oilin', massagin', suckin', ploppin'... floatin', swingin',
tuggin' and floppin'. These are a few words I'd use to describe the
big-boob action on this classic video! Think that's all folks?
Think again! Volume 7 also includes a lengthy preview of
Private Reserve Volume 8. Yet another double-feature that's
packin' a wobbly wallop! Catch the over-blown orbs of Mercy and
the luscious, low-slung saggers of Samantha Kay in classic cleavage
But wait... there's more! Bonus Samantha G scene! This is the
first video footage available of Samantha G sporting her new short
hair-do as well as her slimmer yet equally busty, bombastic body!
You'll catch her trying on a couple of different jugg-luggers as well
as tight mesh top that her boobs are billowing out of! These girls are
more than stacked and this video is simply packed! !

Approximate Running Time: 150 minutes

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