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2006 Patty Awards


Hey Hey JM!!,

Received the latest DVD on Monday. Well, I'm glad I ordered two copies, because I think I'm going to wear the first one out
(I know, it's a laser but you get my point)! This is the most incredible lactation video I have ever seen. It was well worth the wait. I am in awe of the size of Stress' boobs, as well as the gallons of milk she is producing. Everything about this video is quality, the photography, lighting and the TITS!! Thanks again to both of you for sharing these beauties with us. You both are awesome.
You have a customer for lifetime.

Hi Juggmaster:

I wrote a couple of days ago asking about video content on your site and I appreciate your speedy reply. I joined the site yesterday. Over time I have joined numerous "big boob" sites and I must say, yours is the best!!

You DON'T mess up the video with a lot of useless chatter. While I have not had the time to investigate every video, what music you have is appropriate with no hardass rock or rap. I appreciate that.

One site I joined had the webmaster/cameraman talking to and fondling every girl. This was really poor. Another had very little video content and none of it was downloadable. Many of the others has content that is just a re-hash of video that has been around for years with nothing new and lastly and most recently, I joined a site based on all the pictures in the preview/tour pages. When I got into the site, none of the models I was interested in had ANY video at all and only a few images.

You have a very satisfied member and you may use this note and my name as a reference.


When I eventually came across your site yesterday, & , shortly after, subscribed, I kind of felt like I'd come home, Internet-wise. Congratulations on a fabulous site, wonderfully designed with excellent content, at half the price! Don't ever change; just keep adding

Juggmaster is an excellent website. All the models are wonderfull. My three favorite models are: Sapphire, Maria Moore and Tristal. Please post more photos of these three beautiful models. Also, thanks for not turning this great website into a XXX Hardcore website. I like the website just as it is now (No Hardcore).


On a parting note, your site is, in my limited experience, the best I've encountered. The most beautiful ladies, the skillful photography, the ease of downloading sets, and your logical site layout make Juggmaster.com my most recommended site.

Normally when have contacted a site it's with a question or a complaint. I just want to offer you my congratulations with your site. Your picture acuity is excellent and your models are great. Your photography with respect to posing and or focal lengths are , again, excellent. Videos are top notch. If I want to look at a male appendage, I'll look between my legs. Please keep up the good work and I wish you long staying power.


Most sites just hint at what’s in store for members. Jugg Master makes you feel you ARE a member and leaves the teasing for the competition.

Once I paid my dues, I was half-expecting to see just a fraction of what was offered in the preview page. To my surprise, the member page looks EXACTLY like the preview page, only stuffed to the gills with big-ass titty girls. There's no bait and switch here, folks. You get just what you pay for.


I have to say that JuggMaster has to be the best site for large breasted women I have found to date. The photos and the clips are excellent. It's nice to view just women without a penis between their breasts. If I wanted to see a penis I just need to look down!

Hi Juggmaster, great website! I always liked girls with big natural breasts and your websíte has some really nice "big girls". :-) The photography is excellent - professional and tasteful. There`s some real beauties and cuties on your website - I love `em! The girls are not only beautiful, they also have a lot of charm. You sure know how to photograph them really sexy and nice. I really like the fact that your website doesn`t feature any hard pornographic photos. I don`t have a problem with pornography but when it comes to erotic photos I prefer tasteful, professional non-pornographic photos. I personally think that pornography looks quite boring and stupid on photos. Your website is really the best natural big breasts website I know so far.


Juggy! You are da man! It's about time someone turned the clock back a bit
and are bringing these beautiful busty girls to the BIG screen in a
respectful and glorious manner! Awesome, crystal clear video with beautiful,
natural backdrops! It really is like peeking into your backyard! Kudos JM
for bringing it back "Old School" style!

Hey juggmaster! I just received vol. 1&2 great job! How soon will vol.3
come out? look forward to many more releases!

Hi JM!
I love Juggmaster Private Reserve #1! I would like to buy #2 and the
Sampler, but on VHS format. Also, do you have any other titles coming out
soon? I'm anxiously waiting!

Just a quick note to let you know I ordered and received your Juggmaster
vol.1 DVD, it was wonderful! I believe you have "got it"! I can't wait for
additional releases!